Priceless Realty's Adrian Waring's Service is What makes him a Top Producer!

Posted by Priceless Realty on Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 at 8:38am.

Important Read!!!!

My husband, son and I moved from TN to FL a little over a month ago and began our home search in early June. Upon viewing Zillow/MLS and other similar sites, we were referred to Adrian Waring as a great resource and realtor. (This was our third home purchase).

As we have had  pretty standard relationships with our realtors in the past, we didn't think too much into choosing one, and went with the recommendation of Adrian. What.An.Experience!

From day one, Adrian made finding our home a DREAM! While still in TN, Adrian spoke with us frequently about our personal wish lists and desired areas/ He narrowed our searches to homes we loved and homes we needed additional information about. He was a WEALTH of information. His honesty was our favorite quality. If we picked a home, and it was not a good pick for our family (bad neighborhoods, busy streets, even odors) Adrian was politely blunt about the reasons it was not a promising option and reasons we needed to avoid it.

We NEVER felt pressured or led in a certain direction for his own gain. On several occasions, Adrian went the EXTRA MILE to accommodate our family (even down to the closing where he found an error in the paperwork that saved us close to $900). When arriving to FL, we rented a home while searching for our future residence. The rental home ended up being a horrible situation (the rental home was NOT rented through Priceless Reality) to the point of us feeling unsafe. Adrian took it upon himself to find us a rental in VERY SHORT NOTICE and we were out of the scary situation and into a new rental in less than 3 days. (Which Adrian truly did as a favor to us and not at all related to professional gain). Our son, who is a year old, could only tolerate riding in the car and viewing homes different lengths of times on different days. Adrian would simply say we could wrap up early, start another day, and neverrrrrrrr made us feel as if we were an inconvenience or bother to him.

We honestly cannot say enough good things about Adrian and Priceless Reality. If you need a home or a rental, Adrian is ABSOLUTLEY the best option and will make your experience a joyful encounter!!!! He is in popular demand, so give him a call when you are ready to find your dream home!

-the Nelsons

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